Financial Management

Comprehensive risk management, asset planning and the granting of credit go together like engine and transmission. If an object can be insured, it can also be financed and planned. Where boundaries disappear foresight is needed.

Welcome to RMI AG.

Financing and procurement of capital

Many projects fail because it is very difficult to find loans and funds to execute them. RMI AG works with alternative insurance solutions to provide additional protection against project risks and hence facilitate project execution (also see trade finance). In addition to the approach of our core business, RMI AG arranges contacts within the company's network. Discretion and professionalism are paramount here.

Asset & investment advice

RMI AG does not provide independent advice on asset management and investment beyond insurance-related retirement provision and asset protection. However, contacts with banks and asset managers and specific customer knowledge allow us to find good financial partners and actively accompany the process.