Comprehensive risk management, asset planning and the granting of credit go together like engine and transmission. If an object can be insured, it can also be financed and planned. Where boundaries disappear foresight is needed.

Welcome to RMI AG.

It is precisely in the project business that a sure instinct, experience and our personal relationships with national and international underwriters are of great importance. In the case of these special risks, the processing of data and professional evaluation of risks are crucial when deciding whether such risks can even be insured or financed at all, particularly abroad. In countries where plants are constructed, buildings erected or transportation required, local cover is often needed. This can be arranged through RMI AG.

In addition to the traditional areas of technical insurance...

•     Construction Insurance 
•     Erection Insurance 
•     Transportation Insurance

...RMI AG has many years of experience in servicing special risks worldwide:
•     CAR (Construction All Risk) / EAR (Erection All Risk)
•     BOT (Build Operate & Transfer Programmes)
•     Trade Credit
•     Credit Enhancement & Financial Guarantee
•     Alternative Risk Transfer Products
•     Financial Risk Transfer Products including M&A

With regard to these risks, RMI AG operates mainly in the emerging markets. Specifically, we are particularly active in the following regions:

•     Russia and the CIS countries 
•     China (exports from China to third countries)
•     Arab countries