SMEs & Private Customers

The art of insurance lies in tailored risk assessment and protection for the individual needs of customers. Continuity, diligence, openness and professionalism are the basic supports for the realization of this goal.

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For companies as well as private customers, three factors which are important for business success or the achievement of personal goals are usually in the foreground:

I. Protection against risks

We are all exposed to certain risks. It is crucial to know what these risks are and to be aware of the consequences for the company or personal life plans should such risks materialise. The government has introduced compulsory insurance for many of these risks. Such provision can be supplemented with voluntary insurance as required.

II. Financial planning

Insurance helps to create a clear financial plan. For through insurance, premiums as well as losses and damages are at least financially predictable. The need for such financial security usually goes through economic and life cycles, making a long-term relationship beneficial.

III. Retirement provision and asset planning

In the case of companies, this mainly concerns the longer-term perspective while for private individuals the issue is provision for old age (see also Asset & Investment Advice). Unlike money that changes hands daily, wealth passes from generation to generation. Asset portfolio objectives can be achieved through life insurance and other investment strategies.