Customer Information and General Terms & Conditions

The art of insurance lies in tailored risk assessment and protection for the individual needs of customers. Continuity, diligence, openness and professionalism are the basic supports for the realization of this goal.

Welcome to RMI AG.

As an independent insurance broker and intermediary, RMI AG is subject to the supervision of FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). As with banks and insurance companies the guidelines serve to protect customers and the financial centre of Switzerland (www.finma.ch). 

For our work as an insurance broker, therefore, there are regulations to which RMI AG is also subject:

Duty to register

All broking firms and their advisers are required to register with FINMA. This registration may only be made for companies and individuals who can demonstrate specialist qualifications (Federal licensing examination), personal qualifications (good reputation) and financial security (professional liability of CHF 2 million). Registration is public (www.vermittleraufsicht.ch ).

Duty to inform

Each customer must be informed about the nature of the work, the mandate relationship, liability protection and the handling of personal data. Customer information and the general terms and conditions of business are also an integral part of a broker's mandate. --> Download PDF Customer Information & General Terms & Conditions

Data protection, due diligence & confidentiality

Intermediaries must ensure that they protect personal data and information, only use information for the intended purpose and do not disclose information to third parties. This also extends beyond the mandate relationship.

The broker is the customer's agent

For advice that the broker imparts independently, the customer gives the intermediary a broker's mandate. As a result, the broker is now engaged in a supervisory function and also liable.


RMI AG meets all technical and legal requirements for the provision of professional advice and is available to answer questions.