The art of insurance lies in tailored risk assessment and protection for the individual needs of customers. Continuity, diligence, openness and professionalism are the basic supports for the realization of this goal.

Welcome to RMI AG.

Cooperation with Neutrass-Residenz AG

RMI AG has a cooperation agreement with Neutrass-Residenz AG, Rotkreuz (Neutrass).

The two parties agreed that Neutrass cares for Swiss mandates while RMI AG assists Neutrass in international topics and business.


Advice and support

We act as consultants not salesmen. This means that we work on behalf of our customers and in their interests to help them understand, assess and protect against risks, thus allowing them to make their own sound decisions. Insurance is often an interesting option here.

Cost-neutral and time-saving

Insurance advice is free of charge for our customers. Advice from independent insurance brokers is included in all premiums worldwide. Hence customers simply benefit from a service that they already paid for. By using our services, however, premiums are often optimised and money can be saved. In addition, by providing professional advice and taking on a number of administrative tasks (checking applications and policies, claims management) we save our customers a great deal of time.

Independent, flexible and fast

Due to the fact that we are not tied to any particular insurance provider, we are able to take advantage of variations in market prices and quality on behalf of our customers. In doing so we always act quickly and in a flexible manner.

The customer's agent - even in case of a claim

Independence shows to advantage not only in premiums and the content of policies. As a representative of the customer's interests through the broker mandate, we also advise and assist you in the event of a claim.