The Risk Management Process

The art of insurance lies in tailored risk assessment and protection for the individual needs of customers. Continuity, diligence, openness and professionalism are the basic supports for the realization of this goal.

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Risk Management as a special form of consulting

Risk management is a form of consulting that is based on trust, longevity and professionalism. The following question is always central here:

"What is right for the customer?"

This question can not be answered seriously in brief or through package offers. Moreover, issues constantly change in accordance with a company's business situation or a private customer's life circumstances, respectively. A structured, transparent approach - the risk management process - is of great importance here.

Step I: Evaluate customer needs

To know what is right for the customer, we need to work with him to jointly evaluate his specific needs and goals. This applies to projects, companies and private individuals alike.

Step II: Identify risks

Once we know what the customer wants, we have to identify which risks could impact or even annihilate his goals. A distinction is made here between:

•    Types of risk (risk to persons, property or assets)

•     Nature of risk (direct and indirect)

Step III: Assess risks

Not only must the risks be identified, they also require clear, professional assessment by both the customer and RMI AG and / or other specialists. This involves determining, firstly, the risk probability and, secondly, the risk impact (minor, major or catastrophic).

Step IV:

Risks can be completely eliminated, reduced by appropriate measures, consciously borne or insured. The latter is not always the best solution and some risks can not be insured. Since insurance policies do not come free, it is very important for customers to be able to take correct decisions based on the right principles.

Step V: Insure

Based on previously compiled data, it is now up to RMI AG to screen the market for the right insurance partners, risk-adjusted premiums and policy conditions and to discuss their advantages and disadvantages with the customer. The customer decides and can thus obtain the best possible insurance for selected risks.

Risk management as a process

Risk management as a form of consulting is a process that aims to enable the customer to make the right decisions based on the advice and guidance provided by RMI AG. In addition, of course, it can also save the customer a great deal of work. It is important, however, that the process does not end once the insurance policy is secured. The question "What is right for the customer" needs to be asked repeatedly and the process checked regularly. This applies particularly, of course, in the event of a claim. We give you our full support and we are not satisfied until you are!